Transitioning from a paid job to entrepreneurship

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What does it take to venture off from a secure job to following your own passions?

Meet this pretty lady-  Ronke. I got to connect with Ronke at an event where she sat beside me.

My first impression of Ronke was that she was confident, creative, down-to-earth and very people-oriented. She kept generating all these interesting ideas in our conversation with another lady on how the lady could take her craft to the next level.

Ronke is married with two beautiful kids. She shared pictures of her family with me, especially her daughter who is quite a top model in the making:) Something quite interesting about Ronke- she quit a top level job in banking to start working on her own passion. I found that really brave.

Right now Ronke has an interior design company. She is also into hair extensions and is currently distributing them, however, she has this idea of creating her own high quality brand of hair extensions to distribute all over Nigeria and beyond.

I look forward to hearing that she has turned that idea into a reality.

Ronke shared a lot on dreaming and excellence so do listen and learn from this beautiful innovative lady here:

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