Good news:)

So when I was getting on the flight to Nigeria this summer, I had a ton of thoughts in my head.

One was the overwhelming sense of gratitude I had because of my friends that came, donated, helped me set up, clean up etc. I could not give them anything in return but they came on board because they loved me and really believed in my visImageion. The day I was leaving my friend who was still looking for a job came to my house and he helped me take my bags to the car and gave me a donation to our work. That moved me so much.

On the flight I found myself wondering, hmm where will I start? I hope I can deliver and especially because I didn’t have any big hookups I needed a lot of faith. I wanted Engage Africa Foundation to get coverage in the media, I wanted to find sponsors, I wanted to talk to groups of people, I wanted to raise the profile of the problem in Nigeria and get people thinking and acting etc.

Sometimes I actually wondered if I was naive especially when I got the first couple of rude responses. I did my fair share of crying and doubting too. LOL

I don’t understand the mysterious ways that life works out but I have found that a teeny little bit of faith has a weird way of moving mountains.

Guess what?

Last week we got a whole page in the most widely circulated Nigerian newspaper- The Nation Newspaper.

I went to an event that had a couple of seminars at the same time. I abruptly decided to leave the seminar I was in to check out another one when this lady Hannah stopped me. She was working in the media and asked me if I could spare my time to do a short voice recording telling her how I was liking the event.  I agreed and along the line she decided to interview me about my non-profit instead because she said was inspired by what we were doing. A few weeks later I get a whole page in a newspaper read by hundreds of thousands if not millions. I thought I was doing her a favour by stopping but she was actually my blessing in disguise.

You can read the article here.


That same week I got a call from the University of Waterloo that out of a lot of people they were considering they had chosen me to receive the Young alumni award for 2013 because they believe in our work and my future, thanks to my sister who nominated me.

That same week a contact finally worked out and I got a chance to go on a TV station- Silverbird Television to talk about noncommunicable diseases in Africa and what we are doing about it at Engage Africa Foundation.

Its crazy- you go from working so hard with no clue how everything will work out to boom!boom! boom! so much good news in a week.

I am happy and hopeful:)

Have faith in yourself and your dreams. When you believe in yourself you’ll find it funny that people actually start believing in you and you get to meet the most amazing people in the course of following your dream. It makes all the hard work, bad days, and tears worth it, trust me. I hope that this blog pushes you to actually take a step (no matter how wobbly) in the direction of giving your ideas a place in this world. It will be so worth it.

Ps: I have a video coming up and even a surprise gift for you 🙂 Stay tuned.