Creativity is a state of mind

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So when I hear people say things like- I am not creative- I sometimes wish they knew that creativity is a state of mind.

If you are human, you feel, think, you laugh, cry, sing, you are creative. It just depends on whether you will vote for yourself; and that’s the scary part, putting a little of your naked self out there for people to see, and poke at and possibly hurt. But that’s also where it gets fun.

I was thinking today about how creativity is interesting because it exists in that space where the world is not perfect.

If the world was perfect we would not need inventions, we wouldn’t feel the longing that we write poetry about. I guess we would still feel happiness, but without the longing for more wouldn’t even that be boring?

Its funny how your own unique perception of the imperfection of the world can be a starting place to find your life’s task. Whether it is the entrepreneur bringing a solution to a problem, a scientist discovering something new, or an artist capturing humanity in a way that touches you deeply. Its all about 1) taking life in and 2) imagining yourself as a solution 3) taking a little step in that direction.

It is not enough to experience and complain about life. After a while you come to that state of mind where you realize that maybe that longing inside of you, that angst, that discontent can bring something new to the table. Just what if…?

So if you think you are not creative, let me give you three challenges this week to prove yourself wrong.

1. When you find something that irks you, or maybe makes you sad, think about what you might do about it, however little, and do it.

2)You know all those ideas you had that you used to call stupid? Try putting words to them, writing them down, sharing them with someone instead of judging them before they even come out of your mouth or your pen. Try taking just one step toward that your ‘weird’ idea.

3) Do something little to take initiative to bring you closer to your dream self; maybe introduce yourself to someone new, notice someone looking lost and offer to help them, maybe rearrange your house, maybe compliment someone, maybe join a group that interests you.

Stop judging yourself for feeling. Even if it does not change anything at least it changes you.

Stop judging your fetal ideas, embrace the process of learning that the world is quite pliable and that your ideas have a place in remoulding it.

Its not about magnificent inventions and earth shattering prose, its all about the little things and voting for yourself in all those little ways.

So this week, step up to the plate and be a solution even if it is in a little way.

Creativity is a state of mind.

African inspired haute couture

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What is it like designing clothes and fashion accessories for a living?

Let’s find out from Biola, the CEO of Igbadun concept boutique. I saw Biola when I was in a queue for food/ dessert. Yum yum;)

Her bag was gorgeous and it matched her dress so we started talking about it and then I found out that she made it herself!

She gets to wear her business on her sleeve. ( Just had to add that :P)

She also trains people who are interested in fashion as well.

In the video you’ll see the bag and the dress and learn more about her story 🙂

Also, check out Biola’s Facebook group for more of her designs here:

Here is her interview. Enjoy.


Transitioning from a paid job to entrepreneurship

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What does it take to venture off from a secure job to following your own passions?

Meet this pretty lady-  Ronke. I got to connect with Ronke at an event where she sat beside me.

My first impression of Ronke was that she was confident, creative, down-to-earth and very people-oriented. She kept generating all these interesting ideas in our conversation with another lady on how the lady could take her craft to the next level.

Ronke is married with two beautiful kids. She shared pictures of her family with me, especially her daughter who is quite a top model in the making:) Something quite interesting about Ronke- she quit a top level job in banking to start working on her own passion. I found that really brave.

Right now Ronke has an interior design company. She is also into hair extensions and is currently distributing them, however, she has this idea of creating her own high quality brand of hair extensions to distribute all over Nigeria and beyond.

I look forward to hearing that she has turned that idea into a reality.

Ronke shared a lot on dreaming and excellence so do listen and learn from this beautiful innovative lady here:

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The faces of entrepreneurship in Nigeria

I was about going in for a meeting sometime last week when I heard this lady saying ‘have a nice day’ to someone. I heard so much friendliness and happiness in the voice but I didn’t know exactly where the voice was coming from.

Later on, as I was about going in, this lady came to us and offered us a sample of her cakes and her card. I had the sample of the chocolate one and it was so tasty- me and my sweet tooth 🙂

ICakes by Yosola met Yosola again today to place an order. When I went to her store she was so nice to everyone and down-to-earth- she wasn’t just sitting around bossing everyone but was very involved in supervising the final product. When she started telling me about her son in SS1 ( Grade 10) and her 30-year old craft I thought, oops I remembered her from our first meeting as much younger and because of that all this time I had been talking to her on the phone I had been calling her by her first name not knowing she was much older than me.

She shared about a lot of things- from the dignity of labour to learning from others to overcoming fear to tradeoffs and the people in her life who keep her going.

She also talks about starting small and sticking with it.

It is by starting small and sticking with it that she went from a cottage business in her kitchen to paying cash for the new building where she runs Cakes by Yosola.

I was really happy about this opportunity to talk to Yosola because to me this is the face and future of Nigeria- people like her who grow their ideas and use the opportunity to employ people, empower people with skills and inspire people. I know the bad eggs really do us in and give us a bad reputation with scams and what not, but I consider them the minority. There are people like Yosola that I really admire- loving, hardworking, innovative, doing what they need to do to go to the next level. They don’t even see it as anything special- they just see it as doing what needs to be done- so I am so glad that I got to share a conversation with one of those amazing people with you today.

If you are ever in town, you should order a cake from her website. They are also on Facebook and twitter and share baking and decorating tips so check them out.

Thank you Yosola.

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A prupose-drive entrepreneur

Meet Adam. My first impression of him was that he had a strong presence.  He came across as very calm and confident. He is very driven, has diverse interests and has a strong idea of what he wants to do with his life and how to go there.

You will have to check out the video to find out where I met Adam ( a different location this time).