Living the carefree life at Alki beach

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Don’t you hate it when you miss your check-in by a minute or two? An accident happened on the freeway that made me miss my flight yesterday which had me in Washington for an additional day.

I had some appointments the next day and I couldn’t get another flight until evening the next day so I wasn’t too happy.

I didn’t know who to be mad at. The big family in line just before me, myself for not getting there earlier or the check in attendant for having long conversations with everyone she was attending too.

Anyways the day turned out fun eventually after I got my work rescheduled. It was really hot and sunny so I went to the beach.

Ate some fish tacos.
Watched white herons fighting for such a long time for a single clam.
Struck some poses 😛

Then we met Max enjoying his music and selling his jewelry on the corner of Alki beach. He played some music for us then chatted with us about his life, his taste in music, his business, and losing half of his skull in an accident and how it changed him.

Max reminded me that happiness is a choice. I was impressed that he could still be happy after a tough circumstance like that. I will always remember the image of him showing me the scar on his head when I am tempted to have a pity party.

He looked us in the eye and told us ‘I really love you’ after the interview and to pass the love on. It was weird but also kind of nice having a stranger tell me I love you.

Do you think you can truly love a complete stranger?

Also, have you ever had an event that left you with a different approach to life kind of like Max?

Seems we have all had them. I have had a couple. Here is one of them.
Leave me a comment and tell me about yours.
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My free gift to you.

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So I said I was working on a surprise for you.

If you look to the right you will see a subscribe Imagebutton where you can get my E-book ’10 life lessons I learnt from walking up to strangers everyday’

I wrote it to reflect on and share about my little social experiment which you know about where I walk up to different people and ask them different questions about life.

I learnt and still learn so much from meeting different people everyday and I wanted to share that with you for free because you have come with me on this journey and its been SO much fun.

It will definitely give you some perspective and encourage in pursuing your own purpose in life.

Download it  –> here <— and I want to know how it has helped you so do share.

Let’s keep exploring, becoming and inspiring.

African inspired haute couture

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What is it like designing clothes and fashion accessories for a living?

Let’s find out from Biola, the CEO of Igbadun concept boutique. I saw Biola when I was in a queue for food/ dessert. Yum yum;)

Her bag was gorgeous and it matched her dress so we started talking about it and then I found out that she made it herself!

She gets to wear her business on her sleeve. ( Just had to add that :P)

She also trains people who are interested in fashion as well.

In the video you’ll see the bag and the dress and learn more about her story 🙂

Also, check out Biola’s Facebook group for more of her designs here:

Here is her interview. Enjoy.


Busking in Calgary, Alberta

I met Sadie along Stephen Avenue.

She stood out to me because she was singing on the corner of the street, loudly, from a piece of paper where she wrote the lyrics of some songs she likes.

She looked like a confidently aloof student performing at a school event.

Also, I have always liked street music- it makes the street so much more alive and makes me more mindful so I admire people who are bold enough to sing on the streets. I wonder if I will ever try it…

I and Sadie talked until my battery died as the battery was low- we talked about her and her plans for herself when she is no longer homeless.

She seemed like a happy and spontaneous person and she told me about all the cool people that make her day on the streets.


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How one teacher is changing the world

I met Kate at an acumen fund event in Calgary.  

It was my first time there and it was a great discussion around the concept of ‘dignity’. Actually made me think a lot and by the end of the evening  I wished I could just turn my mind off because I have the tendency to go down a sweet philosophical rabbit hole in my mind and then just keep going.

Kate stood out to me first of all because of her presence. She had this regal sense to her and the way she communicated her ideas. I have to say her accent stood out to me as well, because although she is Canadian she actually has a very unCanadian accent that I found really hard to place. I would have guessed maybe the UK or Australia/New Zealandish.

Guess the most interesting thing though- Kate has a blog where she interviews people and had actually come up to ask me to be on her blog, when along the line I decided to interview her:)

Kate is a teacher and she is passionate about educating her students and exposing them to the stories of people from other cultures and experiences. She is the founder of Worldviews project that aims to fight hopelessness through inspiration and action. She actually went around the world interviewing different interesting people and she shares the interviews and her perspective on her website.

Isn’t it cool that we have such similar interests and actually got automatically drawn to each other?

I really admire her passion to inspire people and actually ‘educate’ her students. I see education as so much more than the system, I see it as an attitude, a culture and so far beyond the classroom and it is impressive to see a teacher so passionate about teaching her students that she goes outside the box.

She also had these beautiful shoes she had worn and you get to see them in the video.

We talked about how stories help us break down walls and stereotypes and its so amazing how when you actually respect someone else’s space and bring down your walls to listen to them, it changes your attitude about life, gives you a lot of food for thought, a more balanced perspective, while giving you a healthier and more peaceful pace to life.

Try it 🙂 Talk to a stranger on the street corner or somewhere and really connect with them. It can help you have a great day and learn a lot 🙂

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From shy homeless teenager to business leader. If she can do it, so can you!

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I had the opportunity of meeting Debra Ross recently. Debra Ross is the owner and founder of Gamma Tech Inspection Ltd which works in the oil and construction sector to ensure the safety of their structures/ pipelines, etc.

She was one of the winners of the Business in Calgary Leaders of Tomorrow 2012 Award.

Debra and I planned to meet up somewhere in the mall. Given that she has made a name for herself in quite a male-dominated sector, I was so surprised to meet a very playful, friendly person. To be honest I had expected to meet a polite but serious and proper person 🙂 , however she was a simple, funny, very cheerful person.

She was so happy to connect with me and we talked for hours. She also offered me some advice and ideas on my own projects. She is that kind of person that makes you feel that if she can do it, you too can.

We exchanged stories before, during and after the interview. She told me hers- from having little confidence as a child to leaving home and being homeless at 14 to becoming a very sociable and successful entrepreneur. I bet you won’t be able to guess from the interview that she went through a lot in the past. I found it hard to imagine her having low self-confidence.

She talked about the importance of hard work, mentorship, winning the trust of your clients, investing in your personal development, and being mindful of how you use your time and who/what influences you.

After talking to her, I thought, as human beings we really are strong, and we have the power to make choices that can create the lives that we want. We can choose to put ourselves in those places that enable us face our fears or hide from them and stay afraid. We can choose what we put in between our heads and the voices that inform us. All these little things don’t seem like a big deal, but they gradually add up to the lives we end up with.

Hear from her yourself here:

Oh and I dare not forget to add that she has a HUGE admiration for Richard Branson.

5 Interesting observations I have made doing street-side convos

ImageHello everyone : )

Yay its me time! lol jks

Its been a while since I did a video of myself, so I wanted to share with you 5 observations I have made about people while doing street-side convos. In addition to that I talk a little about the thoughts in my head 🙂

I will still upload today’s video in a bit so stay tuned.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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