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Psst: I’ve moved. Visit me here Maybe the new blog will be for you. Maybe not.

Welcome. If you enjoy this blog, I will make some predictions about you.

You are independent- living a life free of cliches is very important to you

You thrive on creativity- sometimes even wondering if you are crazy

You want to connect deeply to all aspects of yourself, others and to the world around you.

You think win-win

You are deeply curious

You explore- spaces, ideas, places- because growing is more important to you than being comfortable.

Am I right? Probably 😉

This blog started out of a streak of curiousity- my desire to learn from talking to strangers everyday and write about the experience here and over time it has become a community for people who share the values I listed above.

As for me I am a life long learner.

I write, am an entrepreneur and also the President of a non-profit where I and my amazing team fight non-communicable diseases. Join us there:

I love thinking about ideas to maximize life for myself and others. I will continue to share them here and hopefully ignite a spark in you too.

Welcome again:)

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