Its poetry time! ‘I see’

I came across this poem I wrote sometime late 2011 when I had a cold and couldn’t sleep. It took me about 3 minutes to write which I still find amazing. It was published in the Kalahari review making it the first creative work I got paid for which was also kinda cool 🙂 Takes me back to the mental space I was in around late 2011 and early 2012.

Well enjoy, and happy friday.

I See

By Ebele Mogo

Unique souls stifled by insatiable yardsticks;

flawed creations of groupthink.

The rebel rebelling

to fall in line with disguised conformity.

Fallacy beating reason

to hearts, soon pervading social thinking.

Constructs overstaying their welcome;

fear letting them feel at home.

Indignation confronting wrongs

while shoving skeletons into closets.

Structure replacing essence,

soon turning reality to antiquity.

Disillusionment drowning thirst

till defences deter us from destiny.

Manipulation abusing trust,

the brunt borne by the well intentioned.

Systems indoctrinating,

we sit defining never attempting.

Fear justified by rightness

as we strive for peace through war.

Justice served only riding

on the back of self interest.

Gadgets replacing community.

Defences rise, soon only offence will do.

Virtual worlds created at ease,

destroyed by will. What is really real?

Us, running from terms expressly stated,

to weightier terms in fine print.


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