John Maxwell broke my heart :(

I was hoping to interview John Maxwell the leadership guru when I saw him at an event.

It was going to be a surprise for you.

I went up to him all excited and introduced myself etc, and he told me no.

Yes John Maxwell broke my heart, with good reason though, because there was a line up and he did not have much time.

So this blog post is about rejection.

If you put yourself out there in any area of life you will face rejection.

How can we handle rejection as an opportunity to grow instead of an excuse to give up?

Check out this video about that experience then tell me your own thoughts.

Ps: I have been having a lot of fun on Youtube. Do you have a channel there? Add me and let’s connect there as well.


6 thoughts on “John Maxwell broke my heart :(

  1. Nice one, sis!!
    As an entrepreneur, I have discussed my business with people(even friends) who made me feel like I am just wasting my time. However, I have also met with people who encouraged me and I have got those who let me earn their business as well. Like you said, rejection hurts. It used to hurt so much when I first started my business, but after having a goal in mind, I began to pay little attention to negativity. Rather, I spend time trying to improve my skills.

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