Living the carefree life at Alki beach

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Don’t you hate it when you miss your check-in by a minute or two? An accident happened on the freeway that made me miss my flight yesterday which had me in Washington for an additional day.

I had some appointments the next day and I couldn’t get another flight until evening the next day so I wasn’t too happy.

I didn’t know who to be mad at. The big family in line just before me, myself for not getting there earlier or the check in attendant for having long conversations with everyone she was attending too.

Anyways the day turned out fun eventually after I got my work rescheduled. It was really hot and sunny so I went to the beach.

Ate some fish tacos.
Watched white herons fighting for such a long time for a single clam.
Struck some poses 😛

Then we met Max enjoying his music and selling his jewelry on the corner of Alki beach. He played some music for us then chatted with us about his life, his taste in music, his business, and losing half of his skull in an accident and how it changed him.

Max reminded me that happiness is a choice. I was impressed that he could still be happy after a tough circumstance like that. I will always remember the image of him showing me the scar on his head when I am tempted to have a pity party.

He looked us in the eye and told us ‘I really love you’ after the interview and to pass the love on. It was weird but also kind of nice having a stranger tell me I love you.

Do you think you can truly love a complete stranger?

Also, have you ever had an event that left you with a different approach to life kind of like Max?

Seems we have all had them. I have had a couple. Here is one of them.
Leave me a comment and tell me about yours.
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8 thoughts on “Living the carefree life at Alki beach

  1. Very cool dude. An event that left me with a different approach? Lock up in a cell with a guy from latin America. I learnt some shopping skills from him. Never buy something unless you have thrice the money with you currently.

  2. Wow! You look very beautiful. Love the dress and poses! I am waiting for my souvenirs from Nigeria in the mail. I will text you my new address LOL.

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