Another distraction on the road to clarity: analysis paralysis.


Life is a series of endless choices that we make and in that sense there are unlimited possibilities on the type of future we could potentially create.

Thanks to my analytical mind I can sometimes think of 100 possible endings to every story and wonder what is the best choice for me.

Maybe some of us tend to be worse at this than others but we all do it or don’t we?

What choices should I make in a certain situation?
What are the alternatives I left behind?
Did I make the right choice?
Repeat cycle every time a trigger sets it off.

Sometimes we compare imaginary pasts with the real past, imaginary presents against the real present, and possible futures against themselves.

We can even compare ourselves to others- where they are in life, their strengths against our weaknesses etc

I find a good example to be when I talk with Nigerians in the diaspora- their imaginary ideas of the ideal life they are missing out on in Nigeria and then talking to Nigerians in Nigeria and their imaginary ideas of the ideal life to be had outside the country.

That made me realize the most important thing is to love where you are and believe you are there for a purpose and make the most of it.

If anything, overanalyzing tends to lead to more confusion for me, because most times it blocks me away from listening to my own spirit.

So here is a better way I have found for myself- to love and learn.

I have made it a calling to love every step of my life- today, yesterday and tomorrow when it comes. To love every moment and every ‘mistake’ because all it did was help me recalculate.
If we are exactly like everyone else we can’t find our own treasure. But in finding our own treasure it is tempting to start comparing yourself to others to figure out if it will be worth it. What are you missing out on? Where should you be instead? Where is the grass greener?
The grass is greener where it is watered.

Comparing ourselves to others is just another unnecessary distraction on the road to clarity and helps us miss opportunities right underneath our noses.
Better still to love your own place in this world right now.

Love it completely – then learn from others instead of comparing yourself to them.

“… but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise ” – St Paul the apostle.


Ps: This blogpost was also featured in the ‘Finding personal peace’ blog here:


3 thoughts on “Another distraction on the road to clarity: analysis paralysis.

  1. well thought out article. we all should learn to enjoy where we are presently while moving towards where we want to be. keep it up

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