Dancing in death’s valley

I will not give death the last dance

This is my poiseless way of saying so

And I fall short of words

I stop at inhale and forget to exhale

My steps are hurried, quick bursts of over zealousness

Life is shallow, flimsy spurts of energy

Life itself is dying, numbed down with activity

Life is letting go, with neither form nor fashion

But with death’s claws drawing open our palms

wringing to paleness all we hold dear

Tell me what is life even?

Life is as quickly evening, as it is dawn

Life is going going, gone

They say if it is evening here

Then somewhere dawn must just be born

There must be a spacious place somewhere

that I can drink-in, move my hips in

with clean air and fewer shadows

Somewhere where life is full of only life

somewhere where life is a drawn out smile

Somewhere we wake only to wake even more

I let go of this graceless fighting stunting my rhythm

calm my heavy breathing

and dance as if to usher the morning

my dance a little beckoning

for it to come ever so faster


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