Some of my favourite things lately…

1) Fresh foods to snack on- especially boiled groundnuts, and mangoes (not eaten together though 😛 ).

2) Speeding on one of the long bridges with the windows wound down and soaking up all the wind and sun and cool sea breeze

3) Sunshine and warm weather

4) Relationships : Life is constantly changing and I relish every opportunity to reconnect with family and enjoy them. My family is a lot of fun, silly, playful and hardworking at the same time. I also love connecting with my friends all over the world.

5) Reading: Its becoming an addiction 😛

6) The feeling of loving my life and myself, flaws and all

7) Contributing to help others live better lives hopefully

8) Heavy rains

I love it when it rains in Lagos as long as I am not outside at the time because the rains cause a lot of traffic. The rains are so heavy- it sounds like heaven is pouring buckets of water on earth with a vengeance and with the thunder and lightning it can be scary at night. Even in the afternoon it gets really dark and windy and when I have nothing to do I absolutely love it. Its the perfect time to just curl up, read a book or listen to music, especially since there is no power haha.

9. Music. I love music. I mark the special moments of my life through music- Maroon five’s ‘if she will be loved’ was playing when I was in the last few months of high school and had just gotten up from an evening nap. Lagbaja’s ‘never far away’ was the last song I heard when I was leaving Nigeria for the very first time to Canada in 2005. Akon’s ‘pot of gold’ was playing as I sorted out my belongings to move into my second year residence. I fell in love with James Blunt “Tears and rain”, John Legend’s ‘when its cold outside’ and Anthony David’s ‘Words’ somewhere in the summer of 2009. In 2010 Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ started playing just I as I started crying when I had finally decided to process my uncle’s recent death a day or so after I heard the news. I listened to Lucky Dube’s ‘release me’ for most of summer 2010. I fell in love with One republic and many of Adele’s songs when I moved to Calgary in 2011. Its goes on and on but you get the point:)

There are only a few things I can compare to my love for music- connecting deeply with people and God, creating or discovering, writing/reading, and laughing/being happy.

10. My beats by Dre headphones

So my brother gave me a Beats by Dre headphone when I was travelling. I didn’t get why headphones had to look so big and also how the soundcomes out and people around you can hear what you are listening to. But right now I am so addicted to using my headphones. They amplify the whole experience of listening to music and it makes me feel like I am in heaven. Something like this;


Sometimes I lose myself and start dancing and singing to the music totally oblivious to my environment. One time in Japan I was singing at the top of my voice and saw this old man turn and look at me smiling and shaking his head.

Anything with some deep soulful instrumentals that manage to mix that with a really hardcore beat gets me. I especially love highlife and afrobeat, reggae and soul but I have songs I love in every genre- from country to rock to R and B, to hiphop etc. I also like some songs from way back before I was born.

Here are some songs on my playlist this rainy Sunday. I linked them to their youtube versions so you can dance with me 😛

1 Matisyahu’s ‘One day

2 Eddie Okwedy ‘Happy Survival

3 Oliver de Coque’s ‘Opportunity

4 Fela Kuti’s  ‘Trouble Sleep yanga go wake am’

5 Repete by Black Magic

6 Burna Boy’s  ‘Wombo Lombo’

7 Dance Floor by 2 Face

8 Darlin by Stan Iyke and Tiwa Savage

9 Goodmorning by Brymo

10 Limpopo- KCee

11. Ada Ada- Flavour

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