With their cheesy lines and naive glee

those big screen stories made no room

for this, this mourning of something lost

this crossbreed of terror and passion surfacing

where those actresses would be only smiles

She stared at the stranger at home on her left hand

it blinked back even in the candle’s ambient glow

A part of her wished to be the night’s centre piece

the other wished to be the ambience, existing

only to set the mood for the main event

She felt too weak to embrace all this

It overwhelmed her, the prospect of changing

her story, his story, her people’s story

What would all she now carried evolve into?

What would she lose? What would become strange?

What was she forgetting? Who was she betraying?

‘Diamonds’, he whispered like she didn’t know

into the pregnant wide-eyed silence


Where was the logical sense in grieving

as a rite of passage into something beautiful?

It didn’t stop them from falling

Each one a salty mish mash of longing and missing

of primal desire and her instinct for flight

‘Yes’ she said, after the fact

She kept saying many ‘yes’es; ‘yes’ upon ‘yes’

‘Yes’ to silence the unwarranted no

from the creature of comfort called her ego

She loved this man, and deep in a place

you could find only after much digging

She knew how precious it was,

this understated thing that only they shared

so she cried because the risk of losing him

was so much more than this weakening fear

of embracing her impending evolution.

– To Pelumi


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