How one teacher is changing the world

I met Kate at an acumen fund event in Calgary.  

It was my first time there and it was a great discussion around the concept of ‘dignity’. Actually made me think a lot and by the end of the evening  I wished I could just turn my mind off because I have the tendency to go down a sweet philosophical rabbit hole in my mind and then just keep going.

Kate stood out to me first of all because of her presence. She had this regal sense to her and the way she communicated her ideas. I have to say her accent stood out to me as well, because although she is Canadian she actually has a very unCanadian accent that I found really hard to place. I would have guessed maybe the UK or Australia/New Zealandish.

Guess the most interesting thing though- Kate has a blog where she interviews people and had actually come up to ask me to be on her blog, when along the line I decided to interview her:)

Kate is a teacher and she is passionate about educating her students and exposing them to the stories of people from other cultures and experiences. She is the founder of Worldviews project that aims to fight hopelessness through inspiration and action. She actually went around the world interviewing different interesting people and she shares the interviews and her perspective on her website.

Isn’t it cool that we have such similar interests and actually got automatically drawn to each other?

I really admire her passion to inspire people and actually ‘educate’ her students. I see education as so much more than the system, I see it as an attitude, a culture and so far beyond the classroom and it is impressive to see a teacher so passionate about teaching her students that she goes outside the box.

She also had these beautiful shoes she had worn and you get to see them in the video.

We talked about how stories help us break down walls and stereotypes and its so amazing how when you actually respect someone else’s space and bring down your walls to listen to them, it changes your attitude about life, gives you a lot of food for thought, a more balanced perspective, while giving you a healthier and more peaceful pace to life.

Try it 🙂 Talk to a stranger on the street corner or somewhere and really connect with them. It can help you have a great day and learn a lot 🙂

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