Putting life in perspective, courtesy of Busola, Bunmi and Kunle

Meet these beautiful people. Busola, Bunmi and Kunle.

The interview started with Busola and Bunmi then Kunle joined us šŸ™‚ then we had to hurry because their rides were waiting for them outside.

I liked this interview. It was organic and everyone was smiling and very relaxed.

My favourite part is right at the beginning where Bunmi and Busola say hi. Look at those smiles. They look like happy children šŸ™‚

Busola also shared about how she learnt a valuable lesson- that everything does not have to work out at the same time for everyone and that it was ok. In the bigger picture she was still well on the way to achieving her goals.

Kunle shared about the power of focus and really being clear about what you want. In Paulo Coelho’s new book ‘Manuscript found in Accra’ he likens focus to that powerful beam of light that you get when the sun’s rays are focused on one spot, that can actually start a fire. That’s the power of laser-sharp focus. It can set your dreams on fire.

Focus might even be more powerful than natural abilities because a lot of very intelligent people tend to get easily distracted but a focused person simply through laser-sharp focus might end up outperforming those with natural capacity if left to itself.

This year I have been trying to focus better, and make everyday a purposeful day. There are days where I feel like I didn’t really achieve that goal and rather wasted a day, but I try not to guilt trip myself too much and rather focus on making the next day count. I think I have gotten better:)

I find that to focus, it helps to train my mind. I set out my goals for the day. Then I pick a particular goal and give it all my attention. I finish that goal, feel good about it and thus motivated to move on to the next goal for the day. As you keep practicing focus, you gradually train your mind to work that way and avoid distractions. It takes a lot of discipline, but with time it comes more naturally and with a lot of positive reinforcement from all the goals you achieve.

How do you stay focused?


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