A lunch conversation with a young politician: Kola Adeniyi

Kola is a pretty cool person. At the young age of 26, he ran for mayor of Lethbridge. I think that is very impressive.

He is also a coach and coaches a couple of teenage kids in Alberta for soccer competitions at home and internationally.

He is a passionate person and talking to him you can tell that although he is pretty laid back he leans forward into the future. I admire his boldness to actually launch out into new ventures and to think outside the box. I pray his dreams come true.

I really put him on the spot for the last question on what he could do to change the world haha. That was fun.

He did keep his promise to compliment someone because he did that just as we left the building. He complimented a lady about her jacket and she smiled. I guess he did change the world in his own way.


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