Take yourself out of the box

Apologies for the hiatus ( it is with good reason).

Robert was eating at the corner of the street where there was a street church serving food to people in the community. There seemed to have been a breakdown in communication at some points in the interview however this interview actually sparked some interesting thoughts in my head. Let me try to put them in words.

When I crossed the road to look for an interview around the street church, obviously it was a gathering of people from different walks of life- homeless, going through a rough patch, etc. Because everyone there was not dressed so well I felt visibly more well off and I haven’t felt like that in Canada for a while. I was a bit nervous also because of that.

It got me thinking that because of our privilege, the good/bad choices we make, demographic etc, we are automatically differentiated from others. Even if you are a nice person and don’t go out of your way to discriminate, there are some people you are automatically differentiated from. Maybe due to differences in culture, age group, socioeconomic status, philosophies, opinions, experiences, etc

There are some people we do not ‘see’ as much as we ‘see’ others. Our eyes gloss over them because they are not like us while we gravitate to people who are like us. However, sometimes the things that make us similar to others are partly due to privilege.

The things we share or do not share in common with people are a factor of different things. Sometimes it is interest or disinterest, sometimes it is time, opportunity, wealth, family history, etc.

From this interview and just being there I learnt that granted people will always put you in a box, but I should be careful not to put myself in a box and just to always relate to people on that human plane, before all the other cool things we have and do not have in common.

Even think about the spaces you occupy- the spaces where you work, study, play, worship, have fun. Would someone fit in them if they didn’t share the same culture, interests or experiences as you? Wouldn’t it be cool to become friends with an eight year old, or an 80 year old or just someone in a different spectrum of life, and actually relate to them on the same plane instead of looking up, down or at a distance at them? I think it would make a more honest and complete experience of life.

And there I go with my random thoughts 🙂


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