Make it a great day / Meet Chike

Happy Easter everyone 🙂

Today’s interview is with my brother Chike. We sometimes like to pretend that we are twins but he is a few months older than me 😛

I love my brother so much. I love his intelligence and I love his confidence. He is a born leader and I see greatness written all over him.

He has always been someone that dreams with me, supports me and grows with me and we often can relate to one another with all the thoughts going on in our heads about life, our dreams and the future. We have done some many things together from being in the same class to being in the same sports team, to starting ventures together, travelling together, and for the first time in like 5 or 6 years living in the same city. He is someone that cares for the people in his life and loves to push them forward. I am grateful for him even when we fight 🙂

The other day I had set up an appointment for 2.30. For the first time, Chike would be coming with me for a pre-scheduled interview and he was quite excited. We got up on time, ate and got ready to go all the way to the north-west for this interview. Unfortunately, my interviewee must have forgotten because we met an empty office. It was Good Friday, a public holiday and it must have skipped his mind.

It was quite disappointing because I convinced Chike that we would have fun doing this.

However, the weather was good, the sun was out and everyone was having a good time left right and centre so guess what we decided to do? You guessed right- have a good time.

We went for ice-cream,


… we talked, we took pictures, and we explored the Kensington area of the North West. We went into all the little stores, enjoyed the sun and were happy.


Which made me think- wouldn’t it be awesome if everyday was sunny, warm and happy? That’s pretty much wishful thinking when its winter in Canada haha.

I was happy that we made it a great day even though we could have whined about coming on about an hour’s journey for a meeting that didn’t happen.

One of my best people in the world has a voicemail greeting where he says, ‘Make it a great day’. Its a bit different than saying ‘have a great day’ and I like it because it reminds you that its up to you to choose the kind of day you want to have.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of creativity to make a day go good instead of bad.

Nowadays, when something pisses me off, I make up my mind to not let it spoil my day (still a work in progress). Bad moments are allowed but not bad days. Our days are too short and precious for that 🙂

Next time something doesn’t go as planned, indulge in your bad moment, vent if you like, and then drop the dead weight and find a creative way to make it a great day.

How does that sound?

I decided to interview my brother this time. He had just woken up from his nap and was still in bed so its quite candid hehe.



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