From Senegal to Calgary, a legacy of jewelry design, dance and culture

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Sylla is many things.

He is a jeweller in Art Central, which is a cultural hub in downtown Calgary. He was born into a family where everyone made jewelry and he is carrying on that lifestyle in order to be able to travel and go back to Senegal one day, which is where he is from.

He is also an artiste. He teaches dance classes, specializing in African dance. He also does African drumming.

Funny thing: I am planning a fundraiser for my non-profit and was thinking it would be cool to have some interactive sessions where people learn African dance moves, drumming etc and then I walk into this building and end up meeting someone who teaches African dance in the most unexpected place. Isn’t that interesting?

Sylla loves his personal culture and his cultural heritage. He also spends time thinking about helping the people in his life and that is another reason why he wants to be successful.

You will see him at work making jewelry from the raw materials as he answers my questions.


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