Bringing out the leader in every woman

Meet this lovely lady. Her name is Sheryl and she is the Executive Director of Women in Leadership- Calgary chapter.

Although there has been great work done in getting women to advance their potential in life, there is still a lot of work to be done. Women are still a great minority when you start looking at the numbers; looking at the number of women who occupy top positions all over the world from heads of state, to people in parliament, to the corporate sector, to the non-profit world, amongst others. There is still a lot of work to be done even in the 21st century and because of that I see the importance of and admire the work that her organization is doing.

WIL is a charity that advances leadership in women through very creative means. They provide mentorship opportunities, leadership development, internship, volunteer opportunities, among others. I thought it would be great to learn more about Sheryl and why she does what she does and she was immediately up for it so we set a date.

Getting to our meeting place, I realized that I had no idea of what she looked like. There was wifi so I quickly looked her up online to see if I would find a picture and this picture of a young woman popped up. I was really surprised because I had thought she’d be somewhere between her forties and fifties to be the Executive Director of an organization that’s helping women advance their leadership potential.

Sheryl is not only inspirational because she is young and relatable but also because she combines her work with WIL with working as a marketing manager in the oil and gas sector. She is also very wise- she drops all these wise nuggets in our conversation that I think you will find helpful to think about.

She was warm and you could tell she was very comfortable in her own skin and we just had a great relaxed chat. I was really inspired by her confidence and her eloquence. I also loved her personality- it seemed she perfectly balanced those characteristic strengths of women- empathy, friendliness and warmth- as well as those traits of every leader (male or female) – articulateness, assertiveness and confidence.

Its always amazing to see everyday people  like you and me doing great things with their lives, honouring their passions and themselves, and growing everyday. After our chat I felt so pumped and lifted.

There are many interesting things that we talked about. Some noteworthy things that come to mind are the importance of mentorship in achieving success, the importance of at least attempting to find that elusive balance in life, the importance of inculcating a culture of personal responsibility as early as possible, and how true it is that no experience is a waste since every experience refines our self-knowledge and thus brings us closer to our ideal vocation.

Also, here is their website; check it out and share the opportunity with the women in your life-


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