What do we do when relationships change?

The first time I met Orhue and Michael was at a party. After that I have been running into them a lot downtown and ran into them yet again. They are a cool couple. I like how they always play together like small children and seem like best friends. They are the type of couple that’s not trying to be anything or anybody- what you see is what you get. And its quite beautiful actually.

I and Orhue have a lot in common- from being more ‘feely’ to being bad with directions. I am also fond of punching guys that are close to me whenever they get on my nerves LOL.

This was a very candid conversation and there is a lot to think about from it. We talked about personality, friendship, how our childhood influences us, life’s seasons and changes and adapting to them.

Its so funny when they disagree with each other and Michael has a lot of fun disagreeing with Orhue while she is trying to get her point understood.

I would love for you to watch and share your thoughts with me about the different things we talked about.

The battery of my iPod died so we had to stop but after that we had lunch and continued the conversation.


Ps: There are two parts that youtube is taking forever to upload so come back for part 5 and 6


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