Just another streetlight.

I had hoped to catch the 2pm train

but there it was on the other side

while I stood still waiting on the lights.

She pretended like we waited for the same thing

and if you’re wondering then yes I was fooled.

It was getting warmer so I unbuttoned my jacket

as she wrapped her hair

into a bun the same shade of wine

that I’d planned to dye mine in April.

Her skin was a soft pampered tan

her jacket grey and long

brown leather bag in the right hand’s grip

aviator sunshades dangling from the other.

She smiled into the distance

a knowing dream-like smile

with a smirk so subtle

you are free to accuse me of making up.

She walked to the middle of the road smiling

then ran across the other half still smiling

right as the northbound train sped off

with her head briefly in its way.

In the twinkle of an eye they kissed quite fiercely

Body parts were lacerated

they burst out in directions unprecedented.

The train sped along like nothing happened

though it sported blood spatters.

The street lights changed and I crossed,

dazed, and moping at those wine-coloured locks

now bloodied and winding across her mangled remains.

She lay still; still smiling that dream-like smile.

I had to wonder if things might have been different

had I told her that colour looked good on her;

maybe she’d have put on those sun shades

and strutted across the street;

male and female alike covertly stealing a stare

at the sensual mystery in the flowing grey.

Or maybe she’d still have me fooled;

maybe she’d smile at my compliment,

and make polite conversation

then run into the train.

Now that would be quite messed up.


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