From Vancouver to Calgary, Persian and happy

I was at the train station waiting for the train and Houman came up to me and complimented me about my earrings and my energy. I thought, interesting, usually I go up to people to talk to them about the video but this time someone comes up to me haha. He seemed like a cool person so I thought, why not interview him? He was up to it.

I like his name. Its very unique and he said it means ‘human’ in Persian.

He is such a bubbly personality, fun loving conversationalist kind of person.

He moved to Calgary recently from Vancouver and is loving everything about it. Interesting because a lot of people I have talked to have always said Vancouver was more laid- back and welcoming than Calgary but having lived there he begs to differ. He said the one thing that would make his life next to perfect is being in my video so I guess his life is pretty much perfect by now lol.

Ps: What’s your favourite city – Calgary vs Vancouver? and why?


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