Making money alongside acting gigs

This is the first interview I did with my brother Chike. We had gone to a business conference and met Derrick at the end. He was coming up the escalator and my brother said hi and told him about my project.

Derrick is an actor and has performed around the theatres in Calgary. He is quite cute:) He loves the arts and the thriving art scene in Calgary. I thought it was cool that he was an actor/businessman.

Given that he was born and raised in Calgary I was quite surprised when he said that he likes the tropics (to which I and Chike enthusiastically concurred) and is not a fan of the cold.

He doesn’t think the world will end but that the world is changing and that we are living in a lot less complacent and seeking generation. He is going through a lot of self-discovery and is looking forward to creating the life of his dreams.

Thank you Derrick.


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