Meet a fabulous drag queen

I had been looking for a gift for my mum for a while and I couldn’t find something that clicked for me.

After leaving the library I decided to check out this little ‘mall’ -apparently the first mall in the city – near the Lions park station. I went into this jewelry store that seemed to have a lot of stuff on sale and that’s where I met Benjamin.

He was really helpful and kept running around to find different things for me until I finally found a pair of earrings that did it for me. Afterward we did the interview as well.

Benjamin does a drag show every week at Twisted element, Calgary’s gay nightclub. He is very passionate about performing there and has been doing it for over a year now. We got to talk a little about it. This summer he is also going to be doing a documentary about his experiences performing in drag shows in bars in every major city all over Canada which he has promised to keep me posted on.

He loves his partner and according to him, whenever he is thinking you bet he is probably brainstorming about how to be more fabulous;)

We had a great chat.

Thank you Benjamin.

Ps: I am behind on uploading but I do have more videos:) You’ll see them later today.

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