Young, ambitious, and full of dreams. Meet Laura

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I met Laura in such a funny way. I had been lost in thought on the shuttle ride home, thinking of all the things I wanted to get done, when I remembered I hadn’t yet done a video.

Laura was walking behind me and I thought it would be cool to interview her, then I thought of how awkward it might be for her that I randomly stopped, turned around and asked her to be in my video.

I did it anyways as usual 🙂 And she said yes:)

Laura is in grade 12, getting ready to go to university to study veterinary medicine. She loves (wild) animals and is looking forward to building her career doing what she loves. She is very confident, articulate and I bet smart too.

She loves the fact that she is an achiever and can adapt more than she might think to give herself credit for.

She lives like 2 minutes from where I live so it was nice getting to know her as we walked in the same direction.

The weather has been nice as well, hence doing the video outside and not shivering 🙂

Thank you Laura.


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