We have a winner ! Stay-cation ideas in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

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Today we had a snow storm, so no street-side conversations. Remember how nice Calgary was from the past few days? We woke up to this:


and this:


Anyways, we do have a winner for the February challenge. Ruth sent us some ideas on what she has done for a stay-cation in her city- Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Remember the challenge was to come up with ideas on what to do for a stay-cation which is basically a vacation in your area of residence. A stay-cation is a great idea because it costs less and helps you get to know your city better, not feel too bored, and it can also be done on a low budget.

Travelling is awesome and educative but like most other things could also often be romanticized and so if we would apply the same openness and rose-coloured lens to where we live then we can always win even in between the highs we look forward to. Besides, we might as well love where we live since we spend chunks of our time there.

Check out Ruth’s stay-cation ideas below. For winning, Ruth is going to get a spa treatment body butter made with white tea, lavender and organic oils. It smells so good and I think it will make the perfect winter companion.

The Clay and Glass Museum – Waterloo, ON

This gallery, which is located to the east of Waterloo Park is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting refined works of art by local as well as international artists. The artworks in the form of ceramics, clay sculptures and beautiful glass pieces are displayed during exhibitions which attracts art lovers in large numbers. If you are keen on picking up a few tricks and hone your skills with clay and glass, then you can enroll for a workshop. The day I visited, there was a class going on (5-7 year olds), which was pretty interesting to watch. They also have a cool 3D printer that can print solid objects. It was pretty cool watching that piece of technology in action (photo attached)!


Waterloo Public Square

Waterloo Public Square is a beautiful little place to explore. In every season, you can count on the good people of Waterloo to keep this a hot spot! The Square has a skating rink in the winter, skating park in the summer, both open to the public. There are a ton of great shops (e.g American Apparel, SKIRT, etc), restaurants ( Zoup, The works, etc) , coffee shops (Starbucks, Coffee Culture, etc), tea shops (David’s tea, Lotus Tea House) around the Square too.


Victoria Park, Kitchener

Victoria Park is located in the heart of the city, right next to the bus terminal. It is often referred to as the “jewel” of the city because it’s the primary attraction of Kitchener, ON. It hosts a ton of events in the summer. You’ll be sure to find something going on EVERY weekend of the summer at Victoria Park. In the winter, it’s decorated with pretty lights that are can be viewed from various vantage points in the city. Some of the great features this park has to offer include: winter rinks and open spaces for soccer and basketball, creative playground and splash pond, public art, restaurants, flower gardens, just to mention a few.

Thank you Ruth.
Over to you. Where do you live and what would you do for a stay-cation in your city?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes- Marcel Proust.


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