2 Norwegian boys, a Nigerian girl and some random dude

Meet Sander and Erling. I saw them enjoying the music being played on the street corner right at the 3rd street train station as I got off the train.

Erling and Sander are from Oslo, Norway. They are visiting until tuesday. Norway is one of the places I would love to visit because I have heard good things about it and other Scandinavian countries. They came for a skating competition in Calgary.

Sander is all about being happy. Everything about his life is about being happy and he does look happy.  Erling loves the four seasons in Norway and he loves sports and studying. He is also looking forward to a stable life with the girl of his dreams one day.

The cool thing about my latest interviews is that they have indeed been street side because the weather has been good, so you will hear the music on the streets and see a little bit of Calgary downtown. There is even this guy who randomly comes to talk to us which makes it a bit awkward because we were trying to finish the interview while we were also a bit uncomfortable because we weren’t sure what he was saying or what he wanted. So yes, a very candid interview and it was actually street-side.

Check it out.

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