Talking gender equality, girls’ rights and our own lives

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I saw Andrew and Tyler as I was about crossing the street and they were on the corner fundraising for Plan Canada. Because I always see the people in the blue vest but had never talked to them I decided to find out more about what they do.

Andrew was the first I talked to. He says he is a deep thinker often going on different tangents in his head. He loves his sense of humour, lives for friends, family, faith and helping people. His life is quite perfect according to him.

It was really funny when Tyler asked ‘what do I love about Calgary?!’.

Tyler is looking forward to moving to Vancouver one day and is proud about his convictions on social issues, politics etc. He put a lot of creative mental energy on how the world will end and wants the world to end in his lifetime LOL

It was definitely a nice conversation.

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