How to get your kids to dream big

I passed by Michael the first time and he was smiling and having so much fun with his son. On my way back I decided to stop and talk to him.

I have to say that I was inspired by Michael’s philosophy.

It is counterintuitive at first. You would think living for your child would mean sacrifice, and providing them a life of security and comfort, but according to Michael it is the opposite. He lives his dream as a musician even though it is not the most lucrative career so that his son can learn from his life that dreams do come true.

Isn’t that amazing? First of all, I think it is a very bold step to take and secondly there is so much wisdom in that.

I was reminded by talking to Michael that the impact we have on our loved ones is not just about the sacrifices we make for them. It is more importantly about our boldness to lead lives of authenticity so that they see through the lives we lead whatever we intend to teach them. I really appreciate my conversation with Michael and I hope his dreams come true.

Ps: I thought it was funny that while we were on the subject of dreams coming true his son, dressed in a spiderman outfit was trying to act out his ‘spiderman-ness’ in front of the other kids in the playground.

This interview reminded me of a presentation by my economics professor in undergrad- Larry Smith- titled ‘Why you will fail to have a great career’. Check it out.

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