Gift time! February challenge

In the spirit of mindfulness, I want to challenge you to do something cool for me.

We love to travel away for fun right?

February’s challenge is very simple. I want you to give me 3 staycation ideas in your city.

A staycation is basically a vacation that you take within your metropolitan region. So instead of travelling far away to have fun, on a lower budget you can find fun and possibly free things going on in your area and do them for fun. Staycations became very popular during the recession.

How would you take a stay cation in your city? If you give me 3 fun ideas for a stay-cation in your city, you win.

Those three fun things have to be FUN of course and I want pictures to show that you tried them yourself.

I am still thinking of the gift this time. What ideas do you have for a good reward for this challenge? I will let you know when I decide on a reward.

The deadline is February 28th midnight mountain time so do get on it; )


Don’t forget to leave me a comment, subscribe and come on over to twitter to continue the conversation 😉


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