How to stay passionate about things you don’t enjoy (continued) – Friendship

Through out my life I have met some awesome people that I’ve shared places with only for our paths to diverge again.The mystery is how time still keeps the love strong and how we grow to respect the ‘otherness’ of that friend while treasuring that special thing we share. A lot of my favourite friends are all over the place and I barely get to see them but when we do, we mine each others hearts and we always find gold.By the way friendship is not just limited to non blood relatives in this context. My sister is one of my best friends.

The thing I find precious about friendship is that in true friendship, people are close enough to see us in our most vulnerable state but they end up seeing everything as good.

Friendship is redemptive.

It’s weird how my friends see strengths where I see weaknesses. It’s weird how they fall so in love with you that they cut you so much slack when you’ve messed up.

I love friendship because it has no expectations or conditions. Everything is done out of sheer will.

I see my friends as this; people who enter a dark dusty room with lots of precious China covered with dust and they take each piece, dust it up and polish it until it shines. I remember complaining to my friend about my weaknesses and her telling me ; no they are not weaknesses, they are stepping stones to greatness.

The important lesson my friends teach me is that there is so much more to me than I understand or give myself credit for.

I think friendship is one of the highest  expressions of love.

To stay driven and in pursuit of the big picture, you can’t underestimate the power of friends to talk some sense into you:) Your friends see you more objectively than you do and if they are true friends they accept you for you and help you along your own unique life path.  Even at their own expense, they respect the individuality of your life’s journey and root for you all the way.

No matter what area of life you want to stay focused on- finance, spirituality, growth, career, family etc, relationships built on a culture of sharing, giving and receiving value in that area you value cannot be overestimated.

Video time. Here is a video from one of my friends. I met her in Scotland and we kept going different ways but somehow still meeting again. We were so different at first and even now we have a lot of differences but the funny thing is how our paths keep meeting briefly but profoundly enough to have something worth celebrating and preserving. One thing I love about her is that she loves. She has such a big heart and is a passionate, crazy and beautiful soul. I love her a lot.


4 thoughts on “How to stay passionate about things you don’t enjoy (continued) – Friendship

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  2. Thank you Ruth….Can’t wait to see one of you. I would love to know what you think. u r so unique and mysterious….lol.
    Eby can we have a copy of the video….i would love to always remember that time. I recall us having a deep conversation soon afterwards.

    May the Lord’s name be praised always

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