The secret of contentment

I posted this once but it disappeared:P

Today I and my friend Nadege went on an interviewing spree. We played this game where she pointed at anyone and I had to talk to them.

We first of all met Alheli, then we met Zee and Grace and then my friend Nadege decided to try her hands at interviewing someone and so we met Jason and she asked him her own random questions. It was a lot of fun and Nadege said the interviews were her favourite part of today so thank you guys.

Alheli was the first person we talked to.

Alheli moved to Calgary recently from London. In her own words ‘ I love everything’. It is cool to meet somebody that is happy for no reason, just happy with life. It helps you remember that being alive is good enough reason to be happy. She also seemed to know herself very well and to have put some thought into her life and what she wants it to be about.

These are the words I thought described her- content, hopeful, beautiful and honest.

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