Good weather, my birthday and candy crush

My day was simple and beautiful 🙂

The fact that my friend came all the way from Congo to see me was enough to make my day, as well as the wishes, gifts and calls. Thank you 🙂

I didn’t have much expectations but I was grateful for the day. Once upon a time (if I can be honest) I would sometimes be sad about the people I would go the extra mile to make happy that had forgotten about my day lol. Today however I felt grateful for every little bit of love I got, had no expectations and was happy for the sake of being happy. It felt so good even though I didn’t DO anything. I just decided to have a great day and loved every moment of the day for no reason.

I got treated to dessert by my friend and another mutual friend she hadn’t seen in three years. We walked around Stephen avenue looking for a nice dessert place and didn’t have much luck so we ended up going to an Irish pub that had some brownies and ice-cream.

Then I did some work and when I was done, we met Joanna at a clothing store.

She definitely had some unique answers on how the world would end and what she thinks about a lot.

Thanks Joanna for letting us interrupt your shopping.


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