Don’t we all live for ourselves?

Up next, Nadege pointed at the store where Zee and Grace worked and we went there and interviewed them. Zee and Grace are both originally from Congo where Nadege currently lives so it was a cool coincidence.

Zee is a really funny person. Very happy girl, always smiling and obviously in love with her boyfriend haha. We kept seeing her around the mall after the interview.

One of the parts that made me really crack up was Zee’s description of how the world will end. “It will be one of those pretty days…and then we get judged”.

Grace had some cool answers too. She was very thoughtful and honest. Very gorgeous too.When she said she thinks about her relationship with God and how it applies to every aspect of her life I thought it was cool because I do think about that a lot too. Sometimes its easier in retrospect to see how everything falls together serendipitously but the challenge and the gift is actually to see it while it happens even though it may not be so obvious. Its also a challenge and a gift to go on that journey of living a life that’s coherent with that most intimate part of who you are, which is where God lives for me.

I also thought about Zee’s answer to the question of what she lives for because if you look at it honestly, don’t we all live for ourselves? It does come back to getting/giving/doing what we think we are here to get/give/do, doesn’t it?

So I thought that was a really honest way to approach that question.

Thank you so much guys!

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