All around the world with a Scot

Every time I meet someone from a country where I have lived, I always feel this weird and interesting sense of fraternal rapport just because of that shared experience of having lived in their country. When I had approached David for the video, I immediately picked up the scottish accent because I used to live in Scotland.

My time in Edinburgh was great because of all the experiences I had there and the lifelong friendships formed. That was also a year I did a lot of crazy (in a good way) things. So yea, I will never forget it. Actually one of the best friends I made in Scotland came all the way to hang out with me for my birthday this week so it seems this week I have been remembering my time in Scotland even more.

I loved all the green spaces, and also the European style of fashion. I also loved the accent. I thought little kids in their school uniforms speaking with the scottish accents was one of the cutest things to see. My favourite thing was the richness of the culture. So much to see, experience, learn, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world in one little city. Festival time had to be my favourite time because then it seemed the streets were bursting with life and so much fun things to do all the time.


In front of the Edinburgh Castle

David lived in Inverness for a little bit then moved to Glasgow and is currently rounding up his PhD studies in History- the revolution in Czechoslovakia to be specific.He has also lived in Czech Republic so I got to practice the only Czech word I remember on him- ‘Ahoj’ .

I and David talked about Scotland, about Burns night which he had to miss since he is in Calgary visiting his brother (hence no haggis for him). We talked about his life here in Calgary and the little quirks and differences the different places he has lived in have.

He is enjoying the sunshine in Calgary, and lucky him, the weather hasn’t been too intense (yet).

This interview was a lot of fun. I found it so funny when he talked about his passion for food, especially since you wouldn’t guess, and also when we were trying hard to think of a special Canadian food. I also thought it was nice that he gave his best friends a quick shout out 🙂

Apparently he has random things happening to him all the time and this interview is yet another one for his story collection.

All the best with rounding up the PhD David! and thanks for doing the video 🙂


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