I love you enough

I love you enough.

It’s not romantic

not what good books are made of 

valentines day cards either 

(by their measures I’d be damned)

no butterfly feelings to show for it

no fantasy castles where we will live forever

Just me and you in our down-to-earth

little thing we got going on

You, as you enter my room of precious china

and polish it up until it shines

I as I grow endeared to the unique things 

that only you could ever be

I love you enough

any more and we mightn’t have had

our liberal share of rough patches

calling it off and falling back to together

because although we hardly say it

we both know the way you see my soul

is better than teary-eyed puppy dogs

and all the other sappy things love should be made of

and yes I might steal a glance 

at the occasional cute hunk here and there 

(yes I confessed )

but only you will steal my heart

So I love you in ways only I understand

and I love you in the complicated fusion

 of opposites that make up me

and I love you in the mundane things

Since I love you only enough,

instead of happily ever after

we will take the good, bad,and ugly 

instead of Prince Charming you will be you

and instead of the perfect princess 

you’ll see me for me

(I love that you see me

and I love the way I see you…)

My love is not as steadfast 

as Shakespeare would have it be

sometimes I don’t even feel like I love you

that’s why I say I do love you

but not too much; 

only enough


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