Life through a celebrity’s eyes (Mayor Naheed Nenshi)

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Guess who I met today?

Naheed Nenshi. The Mayor of Calgary.

What are the chances? You are doing a social experiment all around the city and then you bump into the mayor of the city in Tim Hortons. Isn’t that awesome?

I was sitting in the Tim Hortons across the road from City Hall station with my friend Petrina as we waited for her other friends to join us in going to a concert at Jack Singer Concert Hall. We were chatting and facing each other, totally oblivious to what was going on in the rest of the room.

I heard someone shout, ‘Nenshi’. For a minute it didn’t click that it was the name of the mayor. I had just turned around to find out why someone had thought it necessary to make conversation with someone right in front of him at the top of his voice. Glad we looked around to realize the Mayor of Calgary was standing a few feet from us.

I was so excited then I got nervous then I decided shoot! I will just go for it.

Really cool guy. He is just as articulate as you see him in the media, and down-to-earth. You might even pass him by if you weren’t paying too much attention. The mixture of confidence and down-to-earthness is a great quality for a leader to have, don’t you think?

I couldn’t hide my excitement by the way. So of course the Mayor and his assistant definitely got the point that I was VERY excited to bump into him.

Here you go- an interview about Calgary with the Mayor of Calgary. I bet you want to know his thoughts on his life in Calgary. I didn’t ask him all the 7 questions because I promised it would not be over 2 minutes and I wanted to respect his time.


Ps: I guess I can feel more confident about my self-ascribed title of vlog-journalist 😉


2 thoughts on “Life through a celebrity’s eyes (Mayor Naheed Nenshi)

  1. I love your blog, Ebele! A fabulous idea…and I hope you carry it through the year! 🙂 P.S. Congratz on your bravery in interviewing the mayor! You can see me hurry past in the background, haha!

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