I ate the hottest peppers in the world!

This is one of the videos I am also just getting a chance to upload. Meet Patrick, a really cool guy that works at an organic foodstore called Trader Joes. Patrick helped me to find some sushi and we ended up having a long conversation about different things. He is very warm. I also really loved the community at the Trader Joes where he works. Everyone was so easygoing and up for a chat. I was impressed.

The part you hear me laughing hysterically is when this guy who works at the store as well walks past saying ‘shout out!’. It was so funny because I saw him keep passing back and forth all that time and finally just go for it.

While talking to the workers there, I learnt they had ghost peppers in the store. Given how everyone said the peppers were extraordinarily hot, I had to get some because I love my food spicy.

Ghost peppers are apparently the hottest peppers known to man but I wanted to know – just how hot can peppers get? So I got some to put in my rice.

The peppers are indeed hot and I put about a fourth of what I usually put in my food and it still tasted spicy. The funny thing about the peppers is that you feel the burn several seconds after putting the pepper in your mouth.

Watch this video of this guy eating the peppers. I am not sure why he thought it was a good idea.

Up next: tomorrow we will meet Mick and Lam who I met over the weekend and whoever I get to talk to tomorrow. Stay tuned


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