And the winner of the January Challenge is…. *drum roll*

YAY we have a winner!

Pelumi Idowu successfully interviewed a random stranger on the light rail somewhere in Denver Colorado. How brave. I am so proud of her for going because she could have used the super bowl as an excuse 😛

She felt really good after doing it and I am so proud of her because she was nervous but she still did it. That’s the spirit.

This is her blurb:

My name is pelumi idowu and this experience was a totally new experience for me… I was so nervous cos I didn’t know what reaction I was going to get from people… But the very first person was nice enough to give me his audience… Here is my first ever(with a random person) interview… Sorry for the background noise.. I was on the light rail… Happy viewing… Chao 


Her book is ready to go and will be sent to her first thing tomorrow morning along with some nice surprises : ) You can see my little note there.



Here is the video.

I am getting around to uploading the backlog of videos. Stay tuned and watch out for the February challenge;)

*Go Pelumi* *Go Pelumi* *Go Pelumi*


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