How to stay passionate about things you don’t like- 2. Get in the mood

We all have our moments of weakness and moments of strength but with time, experience and focus we learn to nurture and feed into those moments of strength so that we have the right attitude to face life. It is a continual process.

To do this, I like to try as much as possible to operate from the best of me. For every one of us, there is something that keeps us in that level of peak performance. It may be something as simple as waking up early, working out, or praying.

For me it is mostly some quiet time to get my spirit, and mind in the right attitude and also – good music. I love music.

Sometimes I get in the mood through getting up and out of my rut- maybe through exercise, cleaning the house, cooking or doing something I have been procrastinating about.

Making gratitude a lifestyle also helps. If you would take a moment to distance yourself from whatever problem you have, you will quickly realise that you have alot of opportunities, talents and privileges that others might not have. From that vantage point, it easier for you to be empowered to see what you can do, versus complain about all the things you can’t control.

Remember the post where I talked about life-giving rituals?

All the things I do to get in the mood do the following for me:

–        They energize me and put me in a creative mode

–        They help me think generatively instead of pessimistically

–        They pick me up and refocus me on my greatness

This is why they are ‘life giving’ rituals.

What about you? What things do this for you? What helps you get in the mood?

Completely unrelated but check out this African version of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’. My younger brother sent it to me and I love it.


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