January challenge- WIN a gift from me ;)

Hey guys!

I have an idea!

So you’ve watched my videos, read my blog posts etc and had a lot of fun seeing my everyday experiences. You’ve even encouraged me to go for it;) Mind you I am not some extremely extroverted person so that proves that you can do it too:)

Well I have a challenge for you. What better way to end the month than to do something different? I am going have a challenge for every month if this one goes well.

My challenge for you is to do an interview for me. Sometime between the 30th and 3rd (today and Sunday) you have to go and interview a stranger. Now you have to be honest here if not you miss out on the fun, don’t interview your best friend.

Ask them the 7 questions I usually ask or even your own unique seven questions and make a video of it.

Of course what is a challenge without a prize? So in exchange I am going to give you a GIFT!

I was recently done reading The slight edge by Jeff Olson.

Its a very practical book on success. This is the question it answers: why do people achieve success after success while other people stay stuck and just stay building other people’s dreams and never theirs?

Its a really good book, its changed a lot of lives and I am giving it to you for free! I think the principles you will learn from it will help you for the rest of your life.

So go out of your comfort zone, do the interview and I will send you this book as a gift.

What you have to do is;

Get the video done of course

Upload it to a file sharing website or email it to me before the 4th of February at raluwrites@gmail.com

Send me your name any other interesting thing about you (maybe a picture, a link to your social network or anything really)

Write me a short blurb about your experience.

I really encourage you to do it, especially if you feel you can’t.

I will upload the videos I get here and you guys will vote on your favourite. The winner gets the book. Now don’t wait around to see the video of the person who wins, make yourself the winner!


One thought on “January challenge- WIN a gift from me ;)

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