How to stay passionate about things you don’t enjoy. 1- Focus on your greatness

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A friend of mine asked me a very interesting question when I posted on passion.

My friend asked me whether I think passion is actually necessary. What do you think?

I just happened to be reading ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene today and this is how he puts it: ‘In our culture we tend to equate thinking and intellectual powers with success and achievement. In many ways, however, it is an emotional quality that separates those who master a field from the many who simply work a job. Our levels of desire, patience, persistence and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. ‘ 

Very interesting book by the way. I can’t put it down.

This reminded me of my promise to write about how I stay passionate about things that I don’t necessarily enjoy. I try to live purposefully, but it doesn’t mean I am always passionate to work on the next proposal, even though I might be passionate about the possibility of it being successful.

One thing that helps me stay driven is focusing on my greatness. I am great. There will never be another me. Does this sound vain? You are great too. There will never be another you.

Think about the fact that your genetic makeup only occurs with you. You are uniquely you- with your unique set of experiences, strengths, idiosyncrasies etc. If you think about the fact that you are the only you to ever grace this world, you realize that you are great.

Sometimes when we think of greatness, we automatically assume that for one to be great, that means others are not. I think this is because when 7 billion of us are conforming to a few established norms then of course, it is always win-lose.

However, when I talk of greatness, I don’t mean preconceived norms of what greatness should be. I don’t mean the degree your parents told you to get, or the title that everyone will applaud you for. I mean that expression of your unique genetic identity that only you have. That imprint that only YOU were designed to leave on this world.

Sometimes we have this either/or thinking ingrained in us where we think that a success implies a failure. You think you being great implies someone not being great. We blame the rich for the problems of the poor. We envy the nerds for making everyone else look bad. We look down on the celebrities that successfully rose to top because they are enjoying life even though they didn’t do what we were told was the right thing to do to be successful.

Look at the immenseness of the universe. Where did we get our scarcity mentality from? There are infinite possibilities for greatness. The only reason why we have the competitive mentality is because we are yet to find our own unique greatness. We are conforming, comparing, fighting to be everything but who we were gifted to be. We are using others as yardsticks for our lives when in fact the only yardstick for you is your greatness.

Since you have a unique scientific makeup, you actually don’t need to compete with others. There is no one like you in the first place, so all you need to do is compete with that greatness in you.

Don’t think win-lose.Think win-win. You can be great and I need you to be great because your greatness is connected to our collective human story. When you find your greatness you don’t put others at a disadvantage, you actually become a gift to the world because your story and the world you create opens up possibilities to others.

Now that you understand my concept of greatness let me get back to my point.

When I keep my greatness -that profound imprint that only I can leave in this world- in sight I merge it with my present mundane task.

Find your ‘why’ and keep it in sight. Make sure that you interpret your present in the context of the story of your greatness. By the mere fact that there is no one like you on the planet, there is greatness within you that the world is waiting for.

Make it happen.

Thoughts, questions, objections, contributions?


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