Dami and Dayo in Denver

Hi everyone,

I didn’t forget the video. My internet has been messing up so I am only getting around to uploading it today. 

This interview is a skype-side convo, not a street-side convo this time 😉 thanks to my friend in Denver. 

My friend’s name is Pelumi but she has a hobby called Asi in Igbo so her nickname is Asiiii 😉

You can check out her blog here

Asiiii lives in Denver and she introduced me to her friends Dami and Dayo who are best friends.

I had to keep my voice really low because it was late in the night and my brother was trying to sleep but you can hear me okay.

Anyways you need to watch this one because these girls are really funny. I think they should get a TV show.

My favourite part is where Dayo says she likes her personality and Dami looks disappointed at her and asks her ‘why?’

This is one of my favourites so far. It was really natural and they were feeling free and having fun.

Apparently Denver is really boring? Are there any Denver residents that think otherwise and want to save its reputation? haha

Thanks Dayo, Dami and ASiiiiii 😉





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