S*x on her mind…

This weekend was quite slow for me. I mentally checked out of most things because I wasn’t feeling too good. I had actually done this interview yesterday but then came home and fell asleep. I am getting better so should be back to having fun this week 🙂

Ayo my friend (who I am very sure is reading this) had said that he thought some of the answers I had gotten were too superficial. I am pretty sure he will be very impressed by the answers this time! 😛

I met Cora and Lia yesterday at the neighbourhood Starbucks. I like it because it is a walking distance from where I live so whenever I need to focus I go there to get work done. It is also a far enough walk that I get some daily exercise walking there and back.

My first guess was that Cora and Lia were somehow related because of how comfortable they looked with each other, but since they didn’t look like blood relatives I guessed that they might be longstanding friends.  Turns out that they work together but have also become close friends. Its cool when you can call your co-worker a true friend as well.

I loved this interview because it felt like having a conversation and to me, that is the point of the interviews in the first place. I also had a lot of fun as you can tell because I basically punctuated every answer with a laugh… and it was also quite honest haha. I am going to guess that you’d like to know what Cora thinks of most of the time.



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