What makes a change maker? : Meet Jay Baydella and Alex Middleton from TEDx Calgary

Today was a pretty awesome day. It was 8 degrees celsius thanks to the chinook winds. 8 degrees here is pretty much summer given that just last week it was minus twenty something. The snow was melting and I didn’t have to wear as many layers under my jacket.

I met up with Jay somewhere along 17th ave southwest. Uptown 17th ave is a cute part of town where there is a nice variety of places to dine, meet up with friends, drink, dance, shop, do yoga,etc. Its a mix of different things and has a lot of strip malls and small businesses. It looks somewhat like this:Image


 I wouldn’t make the grave offence of forgetting to show you the very random street toilet on the same street (see below). I am not sure who thought it a good idea but I haven’t seen it in any other part of town.


I met Jay for the very first time today to talk along the lines of business and social change. Jay actually runs a charity working in fighting global poverty through more responsible spending. Check it out here: http://www.uend.org/

He is a really cool guy. Who would have thought an Albertan would have been to more African countries than I have been to? 🙂

Although I was meeting him for the first time we had so much fun talking and brainstorming. He said that he lives to love and I really connected with that when I talked to him because he was just a very open, understanding and yet sincere person. The kind of person who is in touch with his most authentic self and is not afraid to move forward with it all the time. Thankfully so because it makes him the kind of person you want to keep talking to forever.

While I was meeting with Jay, Alex came in and when I was done interviewing Jay Alex also agreed to do an interview for me. Does the name ‘TED- Ideas worth spreading’ ring a bell?  Alex is the organizer of TEDx Calgary, the independently organized TED event for Calgary. He is all about helping others and connecting through volunteering his time to serve others in the community. Funny thing, he thinks we in Alberta with our energy practices might end the world :P.

When I had recently moved to Calgary I remember people talking about it being a city where there is a lot of money but no one cares about people or anything apart from money. However just getting to know people I see that there are lot of people that bring so much life and warmth to the city and at the end of the day, this city (or any other) will be what you make of it. Do you connect or do you stay in your comfort zone? If you look you will find a lot of people with so many diverse stories that will surprise you in a good way.

Well I will stop now so you can hear from the two of them. By the way I got you two videos from two amazing people today so it makes up for the day I missed. yay!


2 thoughts on “What makes a change maker? : Meet Jay Baydella and Alex Middleton from TEDx Calgary

  1. Great interviews! Both guys sound intelligent and smart. I am inspired by their drive and desire to make the world a better place! You’ve done some great interviews so far! Kudos!

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