Me and my shadow

When I was a little girl and the power was out

before being called for my evening shower

I would lie down on the floor like I still do

underneath the light of the kerosene lamp

I would stare excitedly at my shadow in its light

I would watch it grow taller as the day got older

and while the adults busied themselves

with their serious world I would slip into mine,

a world filled with possibilities

and as many people as I could make

with the shadows of my fingers

Years later as I walk on the street

I sometimes see my shadow in the light of the sun

I can’t believe she is mine

I can’t remember when she grew so lady-like

I didn’t notice when the spunk

found its way into her every step

She need not use words to tell me:

“Look how far you’ve come

look how beautiful you’ve become

and it has only just begun”

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