On Les Miserables, love and generative thinking

Psst: I’ve moved. Visit me here http://streetsideconvos.com. Maybe the new blog will be for you. Maybe not.

I watched les miserables yesterday after hearing so many good reviews. I am so happy to hear it won Best Picture – comedy/musical at the Golden Globes because it was definitely something. I heard so many people sobbing by the time it was done and to be honest I was really moved as well although I didn’t cry 😉

For me the movie was about the hard work of love when the rubber hits the road. The hard work of love when love might never be returned. Love in all its forms and love for the sake of love alone. Love that gives and gives and gives to the point of being foolish and truth be told, no one wants to look foolish.

I think that loving others is the height of generative thinking.

Its easier to employ our creative energy to circumstances but it gets complex when people are involved. Circumstances are impersonal. They don’t have egos, feelings and of course, mouths 🙂 Not so with people.

When we choose to apply our creative energy to the task of loving the people in our lives, its not without a mess. Its dirty, its real, its raw, it takes humility, sacrifice, dedication and lots and lots of forgiveness;  but its still worth it. This is definitely an area where I am not perfect and am growing every day but thought to share.

We don’t know how far our actions go. We don’t know what our gifts do to others. We might love someone today and they don’t return it, but we don’t know how it will impact them and from them a much bigger number of people than we could have imagined.

While we are at it, meet Cher. She lives to influence other people’s lives. She was quite surprised when I asked her if she’d like to do the interview. I guess she wasn’t expecting something random like that to happen to her when she was leaving her house. haha Thanks for your time Cher.


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