When you love, see no faults, only gifts

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Today I met Alejandra. I had met her for the first time earlier this week but we just had a brief chat and exchanged cards. Today was the day we met properly and I guess we really connected because we spent hours talking. She is so beautiful from the inside out and loves to keep growing herself and becoming a better person.

We talked about many things today- from life, to culture, to love, to suffering, to our life experiences, to growing in being more non-judgmental people and more.

She said so many wise things- I wish I could write them all down.

Something she taught me that I will always remember is this- that to love someone we have to see no faults, only gifts. Don’t you like that? I do. So when you quote it make sure to add her name like this;

‘When you love someone, see no faults, only gifts -Alejandra’

She asked me why I do this and I told her out of curiosity, which was the original reason. However, as every day goes by I believe that I will find out even more reasons why. One thing I know for sure is that doing this will make this year a year to always remember.

She is such a beautiful lady and I am glad to have met her.

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