Meet the owner of Herbal Magic

My favourite part of talking to strangers is not knowing who I’ll meet. Today I sat beside this man. He looked gentle, reflective and occupied. He would look around every now and then and continue writing in his book.

Since he seemed so occupied I was really worried about whether to interrupt his thoughts or not.

He must be a writer, I thought. I changed my mind over and over again and finally decided to go with it so I said hi to him and asked if he had a few minutes to spare.

To my surprise he didn’t even ask what for, he just said yes. that’s a first.

He was extremely pleasant and when we were done the interview we kept talking for a bit.

Turns out that he is the owner of Herbal Magic, the weight loss and nutrition company with hundreds of centres all over Canada. His name is Mark.

Unfortunately he didn’t have his card with him but I gave him mine and I hope I get to see him again.

By the way I have noticed something about really successful people- they seem to be open, down to earth and easy going- up for chat with anyone, regardless of their age or status. Most times when I travel and a middle-aged person on the plane pays a lot of attention to me and takes the initiative to chat, more often than not I find out that they are outstandingly successful in some way.

(Most) successful people love people.  I am not sure why this is; maybe that is why they are successful or what they learnt in the process. Maybe both.

 Thank you Mark. Wishing you a balanced 2013 filled with success and just as much fun 🙂
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