Life-giving rituals

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Having to do this blog everyday I find myself gravitating toward places that are full of energy and life to find people out- and- about who will be interesting.

It does change up my routine a bit and also makes me think about my other routines. What are the everyday mundane things that actually make up my life? What habits do I have, what things do I do without even thinking? These are the mundane rituals that can make or break us.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers’ talks about the rituals of successful people. He notes that most ‘lucky’ people had circumstances that allowed them lots and lots of hours of dedicated practice in order to develop mastery at whatever they are now successful at.

I also read an article where President Obama talks about his rituals and how he tries to streamline his life as much as possible so he doesn’t have to take up too much mental energy in thinking about mundane things. His rituals free him up to make other more important decisions with his mental energy and creativity.

Rituals can actually be good for us because they can energize us or distract us.

They fall into different classes- from mental rituals (the thought processes we are stuck in) to the way we spend our time on auto-pilot, to the people we spend our time with, the things we do in our downtime, to the rituals we develop to manage or neglect our health.

Are your rituals life-giving or thoughtless?

Are you actually proactively streamlining your life processes so that they enable you to be productive, to work on your dreams, build relationships, build proficiency in desired areas, be healthier, use your time wiser, grow financially, spiritually, mentally etc?

Before we know it, another year is gone and if we don’t plan to make it a successful one, we will find that we might end up turning our unfulfilled resolutions into yet another set of new year’s resolutions in 2014.

I have had fun changing up my rituals lately and it has helped me add some more life-giving rituals in line with my values and goals for the year as well.

Check out this talk by Tony Robbins on raising your standards and changing your rituals. I enjoyed it.

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